Transnational meetings


Online meetings


Viseu (Portugal). November, 22th – 23th 2019

The first transnational meeting of the beeB project was held in Viseu (Portugal) and was organised by the Polytechnic of Viseu, the project leader.

The meeting brought together for the first time the 6 project partners and organize the tasks of the project. During the meeting the first tasks and responsibilities between the partners were defined, the project logo was decided and it was agreed to start the elaboration of the organic and good beekeeping MOOC course curriculum,  as well as the launching of the project website.

This first meeting coincided with the celebration of the XX National Beekeeping Forum of Portugal in Viseu, which allowed the project partners to participate in this event.


Ceraso (Italia). October, 27th – 28th 2020

The second transnational meeting of the beeB project was held online due to the global pandemic situation. The partner responsible for organising it was Bio Distrito Cilento located in Ceraso (Italy).

During the meeting, the progress of the MOOC course on organic beekeeping, the documents resulting from the field visits as well as the other activities in the framework of the project were presented.

This first meeting in online format also allowed to define the new working format and the restructuring of activities initially planned in face-to-face format.


3ª Osijek (Croatia). February, 22th 2022

The videoconference meeting was organised by TERA Tehnopolis d.o.o., under the title: Training pathways for family beekeepers and women beekeepers.

Intellectual results have been discussed with reference to their progression, next steps, deadlines. On the other hand, the Plan beeB Event 2022 , Multiplier Event Estonia: Bees and pollinators – better practices, better environment was covered and the next steps to adapt the meetings to online format were established.


4ª Santiago de Compostela (Spain). April, 21th 2022

The fourth transnational meeting was held in person in Santiago de Compostela organised by Estrategia y Organización (EOSA) as a partner of the project.

The meeting discussed the progress of the dissemination materials for beekeepers, the status of the training materials and the upcoming training event organised by the Croatian partner.

On this occasion, they were accompanied by Galician television, which collected testimonies from the partners to publicise the project and the different beekeeping activities in the rest of the partner countries.


5ª Ceraso (Italy). 5th-7th July 2022

The last face-to-face meeting was held in Italy, hosted by partner Cilento Bio-District. During several hours, the status of all activities was discussed in order to focus on the final part of the project implementation.